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Fleetwood Sound Company is a new division of Oswalds Mill Audio (founded 2006). We created FSC to produce a new line of smaller, more affordable audio components while retaining the ultra high build quality and design as our OMA line. Loudspeakers with the same solid hardwoods, hand rubbed natural finishes (oil and wax), conical horns and innovative audio engineering driven design made within reach. Built under the same roof as OMA in Pennsylvania, next to the factory that made the Fleetwood motor car synonymous with “world’s finest.”

The DeVille

Fleetwood Sound Co The DeVille
Deville FSC - side
Fleetwood Sound Company Devile without stand

Continuing OMA‘s work creating the world’s best horn loaded, high efficiency loudspeakers, Fleetwood Sound now offers the same quality in a smaller, affordable package. The DeVille uses the same ultra high quality, fully professional drivers as our larger, more expensive OMA loudspeakers.

We use a six inch thick, solid wood conical horn made from thermally modified (torrefied) Pennsylvania ash wood. Like OMA, the wood on our  speakers is treated with hand rubbed beeswax and natural linseed oil for a heirloom finish. The rear panel of the speaker is fashioned from a solid sheet of phenolic, a composite material chosen for its anti resonant characteristics.

The DeVille is the highest efficiency speaker possible in its size range, at approx. 94db/1w/1m at 8ohms and easy to drive with virtually any amplifier.  It is bottom ported and available with short legs or a variety of stands in either black baltic birch or solid Pennsylvania ash with a natural finish. 

Because the DeVille uses a naturally constant directivity conical horn, finding the right place in a room is easy. The 3D printed high tech bronze alloy phase plug in the center of the horn further improves high frequency performance and dispersion. You don’t have the beaming problem as with all conventional dome tweeters.

The DeVille will play much louder than any HiFi speaker in its size range because it uses true professional transducers, guaranteeing ultra low distortion into the 110-115db range. 

The DeVille comes in standard black with natural, solid wood horn, top and bottom, also offered in a wide range of finishes, including fabrics such as denim, leather, cork, Farrow and Ball paints from England. Contact your Fleetwood Sound Co. representative for more information, pricing and lead times for custom orders.

MSRP $9,600 the pair. Optional floor stands available. 24”x10”x18” ex stands, stands add 24” height. 36 pounds each without stand.

Fleetwood Sound Co

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