The Excelsior all in one speaker system from Fleetwood Sound is the world’s first ultra high quality, almost portable sound system in one package. WiFi, Bluetooth, DAC, Phono, everything you want and need is included.

We essentially shrunk a large, extremely expensive OMA sound system into one absurdly small package, which you will give to your kids and grandchildren. And we didn’t compromise, this is not a budget product.

Made from solid torrefied Pennsylvania oak, cast aluminum and paper phenolic, it’s a Swiss Army knife for sound, accepting virtually any input.

Modular electronics ensure the Excelsior will never be rendered obsolete, you can update it yourself without any tools.

The Excelsior SQ (Superior Quality) is a significantly upgraded model featuring oversized solid, cast bronze horns, polished by hand, ancient reclaimed wood bodies, and upgraded internal components. It represents a cost no object approach to a speaker size and genre which has never existed before.

The stand for the Excelsior is optional. It comes in the same torrefied wood as the speaker. The base is made out of cast iron.

The Excelsior is a very flexible and portable system, you’ll be finding new uses for it. It’s compact, you could put it in the backseat of your car, take it to your cabin, to a party (it rocks like nothing else in its class). You can place it on your kitchen counter, or take it outside (but don’t leave it there, it’s not waterproof).

There simply are no comparable small speaker systems which are high efficiency, horn loaded, all in one, and made for the ages. Just plug it in and be prepared…

Industrial design in collaboration with Ana Gugic.

Loudspeaker dimensions, on legs:
32″W x 20″H x 10″D
Weight: 55lbs

Stand dimensions:
The cast iron base is a circle 15″ in diameter.
The stand adds 31.5″ to the 16.25″ height of the Excelsior.

Speaker footprint (on stand):
32″W x 47.75″H x 15″D

Weight (on stand):
83.5lbs for the Excelsior and the stand together.

Excelsior Standard version $ 19,600
Excelsior SQ $ 33,000
Floor stand (torrefied wood with cast iron base) $ 2,300

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